Our Reason

Ill health, whether physical or mental is not something to be ashamed of. Much of our prejudices are fear based. Stigma surrounding disabilities must be addressed and understanding must be promoted.   

Our Mission

To promote learning and understanding of individuals we find as being different from ourselves.  To encourage individuals to embrace their own unique, multi-dimensional characteristics in the midst of serious mental illness, while assisting caregivers to remain healthy while supporting their ill family member.

Our Speaker



Ramona is an accomplished speaker and presenter whose lived-experience with mental illness and addiction has equipped her with great insight, establishing her credibility as a respected mental health family advocate.  In supporting her son, diagnosed with a severe mental illness, Ramona has learned how to navigate the mental health system, gained knowledge on current and upcoming treatments for many mental health conditions, identified community resources available to caregivers and individuals living with mental health disorders, and developed relationships with mental health professionals, legal advisors, and police department personnel with the intent of sharing her knowledge and supporting others. 


  • Dynamic Speaker

  • Mental Health Family Advocate

  • Group Facilitator

  • Publisher

  • Award Winning Author

  • Certified Instructor for NAMI Family to Family Course

  • Certified Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor


Mental health conditions from stress, to anxiety, to more severe mental health disorders affect one of every five adults and one of every ___ children in the United States.  

Health, whether it is physical health or mental health, should be a topic we are all comfortable talking about to begin healing.  Understanding mental health and mental illness will dissipate fear and prejudice; another step toward celebrating our unique selves.



Natalie Garcia

Natalie Garcia

Georgette Baker

Georgette Baker

Robin Montz with Wife Barbara Sanchez

Robin Montz with Wife Barbara Sanchez

Natalie Garcia

Masters Degree, Clinical Psychology, Antioch University, Santa Barbara, CA

County Behavioral Health Clinical Supervisor

Clinical Director of the Mental Wellness Center

Passionate about the prevention and treatment of mental health challenges and eager to ben by making a change in our community.

Georgette Baker

Born on the island of Aruba and raised in Venezuela, Baker is passionate about languages (she speaks five) and is the author of 7 bilingual books and 10 bilingual CD’s. Baker obtained her teaching credential K-12 in English and Spanish from Washington University. A world traveler, Baker has visited: Kenya, Venezuela, Australia, Aruba, Ecuador, Japan, Greece, Italy, Peru, Guyana, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Columbia, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, England, Turkey. Through her business, Cantemos, she shares her cultural experiences with students and educators.


Robin Montz

Mr. Montz has been an educator for over forty years. His career has offered him opportunities to teach at Junior High and High Schools in California and Missouri. His specialties were Social Studies, Psychology, Geography, Economics, Civics, American History, and Sociology. His contributions in professional development, curriculum development and working with at-risk students enhanced his teaching experience and won him the distinguished recognition of 1987 – 1988 Missouri Teacher of the Year. Mr. Montz received a Masters in Education from UC Santa Barbara and a Bachelor’s Degree from Westmont College, Santa Barbara (cum laude).

Now retired, Mr. Montz enjoys his time as a professional pianist, woodworking, photography, and gardening when not taking care of honey-do projects for his lovely wife, Barbara.