Cultural Diversity

Global Travel

I consider myself a world traveler.  I have traveled to 14 different countries over the years with my two sons and my husband.  We made it a point to learn about the countries we visited, their customs, their traditions, and their laws.

As an author, I have spoken to many children about my travels and experiences.  My focus has been to teach educators and students about different cultures.  I recently found a children's book that simplifies my message to very young children.  This book, published by Little Pickle Press, is titled What Does it Mean to be Global? 

As we went from one country to the next, our mind set was to experience without imposing our Western values.  One of the messages in this little book is

respecting that others may have different values than you do. 

We would also be mindful of the culture and dress and behave appropriately.  Another of the book's message is:

understanding how your actions affect another person's experience.

In line with the message I want to deliver, is the following comment: respectfully and peacefully with one another. ... opening your mind to new possibilities.

How can we become better Global Citizens?

Posted on September 23, 2015 .