New Book on Mental Illness in the Family


A book written out of necessity!

When I was in crisis struggling to make sense of mental illness in my son, I grasped for information that was easy to understand. Because, let’s face it, I walked around in a daze putting out fires, feeling grief at the news of my son’s condition, trying to maintain structure in a family that was falling apart. In my vocation as a family advocate, I have met hundreds of caregivers and family members in similar crisis situations. Hence, An Unexpected Visitor, Un visitante inesperado, was born.

Easily navigated, this book addresses topics of importance listed in alphabetical order. The vignettes of shared personal stories will resonate with many and readers will realize they are not alone. Mental health disorders affect many people without discrimination. One in five people will either experience mental illness in their lifetime or will know of someone who has.

This short, 80 page book is written in English and Spanish and can be purchased at Amazon below:

Posted on April 2, 2019 .