Tips for Mental Health Month

Look for things that make you smile. 

Even if you have to search the internet for pictures of babies or kittens, or puppies, do it if it will make you smile!

Get some exercise.

Take a walk, go for a hike, walk around downtown.  Do this by yourself or with someone you enjoy being with – just do it!

Have some quiet time.

Quiet time can be taken in your parked car, out in the open, while taking a bath, in your bedroom before getting out of bed.  Regenerate, reflect, look inside yourself.

Love yourself.

Look in the mirror and see the amazing person you are.  Don’t focus on the imperfections.  Celebrate the perfection of who you are.  Let self-criticism and self-blame fall away. 

Be of service. 

Helping someone, greeting a stranger, listening with interest, and being present are all ways of being of service.

Enjoy the moment.

Start a gratitude list.

If your present moment is stressful, begin a gratitude list.  Being alive can be the first item on your gratitude list.