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Pacifica Graduate Institute, Carpinteria, CA 2018

Presentation on Mental Illness in the Family

"Great presentation! Thank you so much for your vulnerability, education, story and strength. It was a powerful story.”

“Thank you for sharing your story and experience. Excellent use of participation activities. Heartfelt sharing of personal and family difficulties. Thank you for teaching us!”

“This presentation has so many layers. I really felt, with her vulnerability in telling her personal story, the full breadth of what it is like for a family to struggle with mental illness. Thank you so much.”

Marilyn Owen, L.M.F.T., Faculty, 909-732-9037


La Colina Junior High School, Santa Barbara, CA 2017

Workshop on Stress

"I have never seen these students so engaged.

They had a blast!

Thank you for coming, you made their week.

Excellent Lesson!"

Sarah Alhers,


Eastern Suffolk BOCES, NY 2015

Diversity and Mental Health Workshop

"The information you shared about your son touched me.  I have a new respect for individuals with thought disorders."

"Wonderful presentation."

Contact:  Bernadette Gentile, Professional Development, 631-218-4152


San Diego Association for the Education of Young Children, CA 2014

Diversity and Mental Health Workshop

"Excellent keynote, very informative and hands-on."  

"Just what my newer educators needed in support of our ongoing and anti-bias work!"

"The resources and how to use them were great"

Contact: Conference Chair, Dawn Garrigus,


Smithville Independent School District, TX, 2013

Diversity Workshop with one Mental Health component

“You were wonderful. I am still hearing such positive feedback on your presentation!"  Rocky McNulty, Ed.D., Superintendent (512) 237-2487

“Ms. Winner was an outstanding presenter of a Cultural Diversity workshop given in Smithville, Texas on 8/22/2013. She effectively demonstrated not only how other cultures differ from cultures we understand, but also gave us the experience of different cultures. All the attendants of her workshop had the great opportunity to taste unusual foods from other cultures (crickets) and experience emotional and thought provoking videos that enabled us to better understand non-English speakers and mental disorders. We all learned so much from Ms. Winner. She gave us a new level of sympathy, understanding and tolerance for other cultures our students come to us with. Thank you Ms. Winner.” Laura Fox, Smithville Jr. High. (512) 237-2407.