Eastern Suffolk BOCES, NY 2015

"Sessions I have attended in the past have been packed with material presented fast - one fact after another.  I enjoyed your presentation style.  You presented material in a way we could relate to in everyday life.  Your shared travel and personal experiences added much to your presentation.  I can see using much of what you shared."

"The information you shared about your son touched me.  I have a new respect for individuals with thought disorders."  "Wonderful presentation."

Contact:  Bernadette Gentile, Professional Development, 631-218-4152


San Diego Association for the Education of Young Children, CA 2014

"Excellent keynote, very informative and hands-on."  

"Just what my newer educators needed in support of our ongoing and anti-bias work!"

"The resources and how to use them were great"

Contact: Conference Chair, Dawn Garrigus, dawngarrgus@msn.com


Smithville Independent School District, TX, 2013

“You were wonderful. I am still hearing such positive feedback on your presentation!"  Rocky McNulty, Ed.D., Superintendent (512) 237-2487

“Ms. Winner was an outstanding presenter of a Cultural Diversity workshop given in Smithville, Texas on 8/22/2013. She effectively demonstrated not only how other cultures differ from cultures we understand, but also gave us the experience of different cultures. All the attendants of her workshop had the great opportunity to taste unusual foods from other cultures (crickets) and experience emotional and thought provoking videos that enabled us to better understand non-English speakers and mental disorders. We all learned so much from Ms. Winner. She gave us a new level of           sympathy, understanding and tolerance for other cultures our students come to us with. Thank you Ms. Winner.” Laura Fox, Smithville Jr. High. (512) 237-2407.


Teaching and Learning Conference, Gaston County, NC, 2012

"Ramona Winner makes learning about different cultures interactive and entertaining. It’s like having a conversation with someone in your living room – comfortable and easy-going. She is a wealth of knowledge about cultural ideas and practices."       Miranda – mpotts4@gmail.com

"Excellent presentation. Engaging and memorable." Jennifer – jlwirthamrick@gaston.k12.nc.us

"Very knowledgeable about global hygiene, food, and other cultural topics."  Ryan rcsteve2@gmail.com

"Awesome workshop. Instructor was very knowledgeable of different cultures from around the world and visual aids helped her get the point across. Would love to see her present again."    Chris – cdsmith@gaston.k12.nc.us.                                                             

Texas Association for Bilingual Educators, 2010

"Excellent presentation. Very informative and engaging. All the information was interesting and the manner it was done was great!"  Yanira Borjon, yborjon@yisd.net

"Awesome and Informative." Catherine A. Chavez, cchavez14@yisd.net

"I enjoyed your workshop most of all. So informative."  Becky LaPeyre, becky1apeyre@gmail.com

"Excellent, hands-on presentation on other ways to see the world. It would have been great to have more time."                                                                                                                Miguel Gonzalez, mgonzalez62@yisd.net


Arizona Reading Association Conference, Flagstaff, AZ, 2009

"Very informative and enjoyable. I did learn a lot and would like to learn more." Pfuller@tombstone.k12.az.us

"Enjoyed the workshop. Hands-on activities keep the children in a classroom engaged. I enjoyed learning about new cultural practices that I did not know."  Carie Norlin, memountainmom@hotmail.com

"Very informative about cultures of the world. So glad I attended, but not brave enough for the crickets!!!."                                                                                                                       Dolores Breneman, dbrene1212@yahoo.com


Academy for Teachers of Young Children, Amarillo, TX, 2009

"Mrs. Winner was awesome! Honestly it was the one session that seemed to go by so fast. Very few left the room for break. Everything was organized and presented well; it just flowed right on… Thanks for having her as a presenter."  Comment forwarded by: Carol Murray, Academy Chairperson, carol.murray@esc16.net

"The workshop was great! I enjoyed it and learned a lot about other cultural traditions that I quickly shared with my family."  ehernandez@esc14.net

"I enjoyed the workshop very much! I received my jumping beans – thank you very much. I will share your youtube clips with other teachers at my school."  Pamela.Dillon@saisd.org