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An Unexpected Visitor, A Mother's Insight on Mental Illness

An Unexpected Visitor, A Mother’s Insight on Mental Illness

Un visitante inesperado, La perspectiva de una madre respecto a las infermedades mentales

Author:  Ramona Moreno

Publisher:  Brainstorm 3000

Publisher Address: P.O. Box 80513, Goleta, CA 93118

ISNB: 9780965117463, Retail Price:  $14.95, Publication Date:  June 2019

Languages:  English/Spanish 80 pages


An Unexpected Visitor, a Mother’s Insight on Mental Illness provides readers with information they may find helpful in caring for a loved-one with mental illness or substance addiction.  The book covers different aspects of mental illness from A through Z addressing concerns such as treatment, hospitalization, medication, crisis, and self-care for the caregiver. The vignettes and the author’s personal stories serve as great examples of families coping through adverse situations.  The message threaded throughout the book is one of hope and acceptance.  The book accomplishes three things: 1) provides necessary tools for a caregiver, 2) lets caregivers know their situations are not unique; they are not alone. 3) de-stigmatizes mental illness and substance abuse while promoting acceptance.